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Year: 2015

caot recognition logo

Stannah endorsed by Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Written by fernando on 11th August 2015

Stannah is proud to announce that our stairlifts have been endorsed by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists – the only stairlifts to be recognized in this way. CAOT believes that occupational therapy services offered within home care services effectively promote health and prevent injury with individuals and families by reducing barriers and encouraging participation […]

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Paul's family added two Stannah stairlifts so that he could live with them

Paul’s continuing journey

Written by martin stevenso on 13th July 2015

After a lifetime spent working with U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh, Paul has enjoyed an active retirement, teaching writing at the local library, traveling, and involved in his church. When he started to have some medical issues, his daughter didn’t hesitate to invite him to live in her home. “My parents raised me for 22 years […]

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Margaret’s exacting style requirements met by Stannah

Margaret’s exacting style requirements met by Stannah

Written by martin stevenso on 27th April 2015

We purchased it for my husband, Cyril, due to him having a stroke about 9 years ago. We thought we might move but then it was such a lot of uprising. The men from Stannah came to check the hallway for measurement and it was impossible to leave it how it was because of Cyril’s […]

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Ron and Maryann

Ron and Maryann’s story

Written by martin stevenso on 9th April 2015

After forty years in their home on Long Island, Ron and Maryann were happily settled into their community when Maryann began to get pains in her legs. She began to find it difficult to walk. A year of treatment followed, during which Maryann started to use a cane, then a walker. Their home is built […]

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Leona’s story

Written by martin stevenso on 9th April 2015

Leona and her husband have lived on the second floor of their triple-decker home since 1978, and were seriously considering moving because of all the stairs. Leonaís leg was beginning to bother her, and carrying laundry down to the basement was a chore. However, when they considered the cost of buying a new home and […]

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Jan and Chuck

Jan and Chuck story

Written by fernando on 9th April 2015

When they wanted to down-size from their large single-story home, Jan and Chuck knew that one day his diabetes would make it hard to climb stairs, so they looked for a home on one floor. When they fell in love with a three-level condo overlooking the hills of central Massachusetts, they joked that they could […]

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Stannah stairlift installation

A Pair of Impressive West Coast Installations

Written by fernando on 9th March 2015

While much of the country was buried with snow during the early months of 2015, Stannah’s dealers on the west coast were busy taking on some pretty impressive stairlift installations. In San Francisco, ACME Home Elevator completed a three level spiral installation. This allowed the user, who wanted to enjoy her all three floors, the opportunity […]

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