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Year: 2016

Difference Between Aging and Mental Illness

The Difference Between Aging and Mental Illness

Written by fernando on 9th September 2016

As our loved ones age, it’s not uncommon to wonder if some of the symptoms they experience are normal signs of aging or an indication of mental illness. In fact, nearly 20 percent of adults aged 55 and over have experienced some type of mental health concern. However, one out of every three of those […]

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Transition from Hospital to Rehab to Home

Welcome Home: A Guide for Handling the Transition from Hospital to Rehab to Home

Written by fernando on 19th August 2016

A lengthy stay in a hospital is a stressful experience regardless of age. However, transitioning back home can prove to be just a strenuous, especially for your older loved ones. According to the American Journal of Nursing, changing settings multiple times for older patients can be an emotionally stressful time and could potentially lead to […]

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How to Comfort your Loved Ones as They Grow Older

Coping with Aging: How to Comfort your Loved Ones as They Grow Older

Written by fernando on 25th July 2016

Aging can be a confusing process for many individuals. It is difficult for our loved ones to understand they may no longer be capable of performing certain tasks. It is not uncommon for them to continue attempting their normal routine even if they physically or mentally are no longer able to. As a caregiver, trying […]

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Improving Mobility: 12 Easy Tips to Help Seniors Remain Active

Written by fernando on 13th May 2016

As we age, it’s common to find that activities such as shopping, cleaning and even walking become more difficult due to decreased mobility. This can be a frustrating time, sometimes eliciting a feeling of hopelessness. This feeling is amplified in homes with multiple floors, as stairs become a challenging task. Stannah Stairlifts are designed to […]

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Senior Home Care: Tips & Tricks on Caring For Elderly Loved Ones

Written by fernando on 15th April 2016

Getting old is not an easy process and you may find that your elderly family members are often upset and frustrated. Senior home care can cause increased stress for both you and your loved one as you try to balance your life and tend to their needs simultaneously. Here are some tips for in home […]

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Walk, Don’t Run!

Written by fernando on 8th April 2016

As we age, there are some activities that were once easy that become more difficult. For many athletes, the competitive spirit in their hearts and minds never dwindles, even if their bodies don’t operate the same way anymore.     In an effort to quench that thirst for competition, many areas are adopting a new […]

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in-home care for your family members

How to choose the perfect in-home care for your family members or aging loved ones?

Written by fernando on 8th March 2016

Deciding on proper in-home caregiving for your loved ones can be an arduous task. There are many key factors that must be considered when acquiring in-home help for your family members.     What is In-Home Care or a Caregiver? There are two types of basic home care services, skilled care and personal care. Skilled […]

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care for elderly at home stannah stairlift

How to Care for the Elderly at Home

Written by fernando on 22nd February 2016

As our parents age, we certainly would like to see them maintain a life of independence and living at home instead of an elderly care facility. recently published an article on “How to Take Care of Elderly Parents at Home” and it contains insightful tips that can help make your life, and theirs, much […]

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