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Year: 2016

care for elderly at home stannah stairlift

How to Care for the Elderly at Home

Written by Stannah on 22nd February 2016

As our parents age, we certainly would like to see them maintain a life of independence and living at home instead of an elderly care facility. recently published an article on “How to Take Care of Elderly Parents at Home” and it contains insightful tips that can help make your life, and theirs, much […]

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parents safe at home stannah stairlift

Are Your Parents Safe at Home? 8 Warning Signs of Problems

Written by Stannah on 4th February 2016

More and more Americans are living longer and independently as they age. When it comes to our parents, we certainly want to ensure that they’re healthy and that their homes are safe. The Mayo Clinic recently shared some tips about the 8 warning signs of health problems with aging parents. This safety guide can gauge […]

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