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Year: 2018

Demonstrating a bunion splint

Bunions – What They are and How to Treat and Prevent Them

Written by Stannah on 3rd October 2018

Bunions can gravely affect our lives and even result in other health complications such as walking difficulties, so we’ve looked at the best bunion treatments and prevention and gathered them for you in this article!     Did you know that together, your foot and ankle have 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 […]

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Vitamin D: nutrition and sunshine to keep us healthy

Vitamin D: nutrition and sunshine to keep us healthy

Written by Stannah on 6th September 2018

About 88% of the population of the world is Vitamin D deficient. This statistic, which shows that the majority of the population of the world lacks Vitamin D, may come as a shock to many people. After all, when you consider the number of people who live in sunny climates, you would expect the percentage […]

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Moving on Up: Types of Elevators and all Kinds of Uplifting Appliances

Written by fernando on 7th August 2018

Table of contents  Passenger elevators Escalators Moving sidewalks Aerial Tramways Stairlifts When you think about it, there are many types of elevators that help us move around. Whether it’s the escalator at the shopping mall, the moving sidewalk at the airport or the aerial tramway you found on vacation, how often do you stop and […]

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senior golf

Senior Golf: A Healthy Balance of Fun & Exercise

Written by fernando on 25th July 2018

It’s one of the best feelings in sports: the perfect golf shot. Everything is balanced and in rhythm. The world slows down. Your thoughts and movements are fluid, working together, perfectly in sync. You feel the ball give, and before even lifting your head to track it, you know exactly where it’s going. These are […]

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blended family can be a blessing

Global Day of Parents: “It takes a village to raise a child”

Written by fernando on 19th July 2018

The UN proclaimed the first of June as Global Parents’ Day; in the US, Parents’ Day falls on July 22nd. “To appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship“. We celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day, but did you know that […]

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Tiredness and fatigue: learn how older adults can regain energy and vitality

Written by fernando on 3rd July 2018

As we age, we are more prone to certain illnesses and these may leave us feeling more tired. However, tiredness is not a symptom of aging! Unless chronic pain is causing your fatigue there are things you can do to give you more energy, so that you can get on with engaging with your life. […]

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Stephen Hawking: ALS Day

ALS Day: The Curious Case of Stephen Hawking

Written by fernando on 18th June 2018

On World ALS Day 2018, we want to talk about Stephen Hawking, the ultimate example of resilience and a man who inspired so many, the world over On World ALS Day 2018, we join the ALS Awareness movement because we believe we all need some inspiration and hope when it comes to facing the obstacles […]

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Music can boost brain activity

Neuroscience offers proof that music can boost brain activity at any age

Written by fernando on 12th June 2018

Since Dr. Marian Diamond’s pioneering research proved that our brains stay “plastic” throughout our lives, more and more studies have reinforced this finding, contributing to an increasing awareness of the fact that keeping our brains engaged helps slow down cognitive decline. A more recent study (April 2018), by Columbia University and the New York State […]

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