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Year: 2021

Elderly Loneliness During the Holidays & How Family Caregivers can Help

Written by fernando on 14th December 2021

While aging brings wisdom and cherished experiences, it is also filled with inevitable losses that can take a toll on even the happiest individuals. For some seniors, it may feel as if the world has changed in the blink of an eye as neighborhoods become virtually unrecognizable and spouses and friends fall ill or pass […]

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old Friends laughing together

Embracing Aging? Exploring Shifting Attitudes on Growing Older

Written by Nathan on 13th April 2021

Growing older can present a double-edged sword for many. On the one hand, a long and fruitful life is a universal aspiration. On the other hand, many cultures prize youth and devalue old age. But, with so many age-positive movements gaining momentum and social justice taking center stage, has the double-edged sword become more single-sided? […]

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husband helping his wife up from chair

Health at Home

Written by Nathan on 13th April 2021

Home Health Perceptions Having been inside our homes for the most part of 2020 and starting off the new year, we’ve had more time to reflect on the quality of our living space. On the topic of home health hazards, a little over 1,000 participants were surveyed to determine their concerns about home-related problems as […]

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