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Written by martin stevenso at 9th April 2015

Leona's story



Leona and her husband have lived on the second floor of their triple-decker home since 1978, and were seriously considering moving because of all the stairs. Leonaís leg was beginning to bother her, and carrying laundry down to the basement was a chore. However, when they considered the cost of buying a new home and the inevitable redecorating and remodeling, they decided to look into a stairlift.

Because her stairs are unusually steep and wind sharply around corners, we took the extra step of getting a shop-drawing made to ensure that everything would work before making a quotation for the work, and Leona immediately decided to go ahead. A month later we installed her custom-made stairlift in less than a day.

Now Leona is able to work on her projects in the garage, refurbishing furniture, into the evenings, knowing that sheíll be able to get back upstairs easily. And by leaving her washer and dryer down in the basement she kept her living area the way she likes it.

Her parting comment was It gives me my independence and it was at a very good price lot less money than I thought it would be. So I’m very happy. You can’t ask for more than that!


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