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Written by martin stevenso at 13th July 2015

Paul's continuing journey

Paul's family added two Stannah stairlifts so that he could live with them

After a lifetime spent working with U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh, Paul has enjoyed an active retirement, teaching writing at the local library, traveling, and involved in his church.

When he started to have some medical issues, his daughter didn’t hesitate to invite him to live in her home. “My parents raised me for 22 years – it’s an honor and privilege to have him here.” And with visits from four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, there’s always plenty going on.

To make his new home more accessible, Paul’s family installed two Siena stairlifts from Stannah; one from the basement-level garage up to the kitchen, and another up to Paul’s “suite” on the second floor. Now he comes down each morning to cook himself breakfast, rides upstairs to check his email, and keeps up the busy life he’s used to. As Paul commented, “They’re a great help to me! And I can carry books and a snack as I go up.” And his daughter is happy too: “We don’t worry about him when we’re not here.


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