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Written by martin stevenso at 9th April 2015

Ron and Maryann's story

Ron and Maryann

Ron and Maryann

After forty years in their home on Long Island, Ron and Maryann were happily settled into their community when Maryann began to get pains in her legs. She began to find it difficult to walk.

A year of treatment followed, during which Maryann started to use a cane, then a walker. Their home is built over the garage, so every journey outside the house involves going down, then back up, the basement stairs. During this time Maryann had to give up helping out at her church, and Ron took over all the shopping.

After seeing our ad on the TV, Ron called us to set up an appointment to look at the stairs. Maryann was scheduled for a double-hip replacement, so we quickly installed the stairlift to help her get to the hospital.

Now Maryann is able to join her husband for shopping trips, to go to their church and go out for meals. As Ron said, “What used to take quite a while, I now don’t worry about“.


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