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Written by fernando at 26th April 2017

Combat a sedentary lifestyle with the Stannah Senior Active Living Calendar

Print your senior active living calendar here

Many adults over the age of 65 spend, on average, more than 10 hours each day either sitting or lying down. Scientists have discovered this inactivity may increase risk of chronic issues or exacerbate pre-existing conditions. May is Older Americans Month and Stannah Stairlifts is encouraging seniors to combat this sedentary lifestyle with its Senior Active Living Calendar.

Download the Active living calendar



This interactive calendar offers unique ideas and inspiration to help seniors increase daily activity, and you can print yours by clicking the link above. Participants can easily track their progress directly on the calendar, and weekly challenges are offered for those looking to test their ability.

With this initiative, seniors are taking the first step in preventing, or delaying, complications such as arthritis, heart conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes. An active lifestyle has also been shown to increase memory function and overall wellbeing.

The Senior Active Living Calendar was designed to help seniors across America realize the tremendous physical and mental benefits of an active lifestyle. While some seniors may struggle due to limited mobility, these individuals are urged to avoid being discouraged as any attempt toward increasing activity, no matter how big or small, is a success.

Stannah advises all seniors to consult with a doctor before beginning this program and avoid climbing stairs as a form of exercise as this is an unsafe activity that poses significant risk to the elderly, especially those who use a stairlift or require any form of walking assistance.

For more information please visit stannah-stairlifts.com or call 1-888-897-6543.