Written by Stannah at 2nd May 2017

9 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Older Moms

Find the perfect gift for your elderly mother on mother’s day

As you grow older, it can sometimes become difficult to procure a Mother’s Day gift that accurately symbolizes how important your mother or grandmother is to you. What do you get an elderly parent that has collected a lifetime of personal mementos and often has different interests and hobbies than you?



Stannah Stairlifts offers 9 unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for elderly parents and grandparents.

  1. Digitize Photos – Shoeboxes or albums filled with decades of photographs are not an uncommon sight in the home of an elderly loved one. Surprise your mother or grandmother this Mother’s Day by scanning these images and creating digital copies. As an added bonus, while showing her how to access this new archive, you may find yourself spending hours bonding over cherished family moments.
  2. Memory Jar – Make a conscious effort to recognize the things that make your relationship so special. Every time you remember something such as a favorite memory, family tradition, or the best advice you ever received, write it down on a small slip of paper. Once you have a dozen (or more) place them into a “Memory Jar.” Legacy Project suggests this is a great way to provide mom with a boost of happiness at any given moment. You can even purchase a small bag of mom’s favorite candies or snacks and wrap one slip of paper around each.
  3. Help Out Around the House – Maintaining a home is no easy task, particularly in the later stages of life. There are probably some regular chores your elderly loved one would prefer not to do anymore and decreased mobility can make even relatively simple activities seem laborious. According to Caring for Aging Parents, offering to help out around the house on a consistent basis can be a great Mother’s Day gift for an elderly parent. You can put together a fun “chore coupon book” or just devote a certain amount of time each month to helping her. Whether it’s changing a light bulb, taking a trip to the doctor or just folding laundry, let her delegate what she needs assistance with. Any way you’re able to help make life easier for your mother or grandmother is a fantastic gift idea.
  4. Social Media Tutoring – Loneliness is a prominent concern for the elderly. While it may be intimidating at first, social media is one of the best ways to stay connected with loved ones and old friends. Senior Care Corner suggests that helping your elderly loved one establish a Facebook profile and teaching her how to properly use it can be a tremendously beneficial gift (it is also the perfect outlet for her newly digitized photos). Just remember, be patient, explain every detail as well as you can and don’t forget to stress the importance of internet safety and privacy.
  5. Build a Family Tree – Age is often accompanied by an increased appreciation for the importance of family. A family tree is a unique way to showcase how your lineage has progressed throughout the generations. These projects typically consist of names and dates, but by adding pictures it can become a treasured addition to the home of your elderly parent or grandparent. Pinterest provides creative ideas for displaying your project, and resources such as Ancestry.com offer the opportunity dive deeper into your heritage than ever before. After presenting this gift, don’t be surprised if your mother or grandmother has a few interesting stories to share about your relatives.
  6. Ready-to-Eat Meals – Days where there is not enough time to cook a complete dinner are inevitable. A Flexible Life blog suggests helping your elderly loved one save time and money by cooking delicious freezer-friendly meals that can be quickly consumed any time they like. Money Saving Mom provides great tips on freezer-cooking for seniors and Once a Month Meals offers simple recipes to get you started.
  7. A Day in the Sun – Spring is in full-swing by Mother’s Day, and an abundance of warmth and sun make a day of outdoor activities a great gift idea according to When They Grow Older. A walk through a local park or outdoor attraction is a simple, but valuable way to spend time together. You can even dedicate one day a week for the rest of spring to take full advantage of the weather and continue creating these special moments.
  8. Brain Games – Encouraging brain activity is immensely important as we age and mental stimulation books and games can help keep our mind sharp according to Caring for Aging Parents. Large Print Sudoku, Crossword puzzle, or mental aerobics books are terrific Mother’s Day options for elderly individuals, particularly those living a more sedentary lifestyle.
  9. Surprise BoxLegacy helps you extend your Mother’s Day celebrations all day long.

You don’t need a special occasion to give the gift of safety and independence. If your elderly parent or grandparent is struggling with the stairs in their home, it might be time to consider contacting Stannah about a stairlift. Visit the “Why Choose Stannah” section of stannah-stairlifts.com to discover how Stannah can help your elderly loved one remain in the home they love.