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Written by fernando at 29th December 2016

Improving Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Bathing is a habitual part of our life that we tend to take for granted. However, whether it happened while you were late for work, or maybe rushing to make a dinner reservation, many of us have shared a similar experience. We’ve stepped into a shower too quick and had our feet slip out from under us. Some may have been able to grab a curtain or wall to re-balance, while others may have been less fortunate. While this problem may have been just a minor inconvenience at the time, for seniors it can lead to significant injury.

With slippery surfaces and sharp corners, the bathroom could potentially be the most dangerous room in the home of a senior. Without proper attention to bath safety, your elderly loved one may have increased risk for a potentially serious fall. Fortunately, there are ways to implement bath safety and prevent these issues. Active Forever has provided some key tips for bath safety.


Grip Handles and Grab Bars

Maintaining balance is a critical component in the prevention of falls and overall bathroom safety. A properly installed grab bar can provide balance assistance at appropriate times. Use a service such as Home Advisor to locate a contractor to install the grab bar if you are not confident in your ability to do it correctly.  

Grab bars that are affixed via suction cups can provide the same level of assistance for those who don’t require a permanent option. Additionally, they are portable and can provide safety to your elderly loved ones wherever they go.

Companies such as Healthcraft also offer stylish alternatives for seniors who desire safety while maintaining the appearance of their bathrooms.

There are a wide variety of bath safety grab options to ensure that your elderly loved ones remain safe without the need for extensive modifications to their bathroom.

Bath Safety Seats

Stepping over the side of a bathtub can cause seniors to lose their balance. Even with a grab bar in place, your elderly loved one may still be at risk for a fall in this situation. For optimum safety, transfer benches are a great companion to grab bars. Transfer benches allow seniors to sit down outside the tub and slide cross the ledge into the shower. Self-sliding models are also available for those unable to push themselves.

Once in the shower, standing for a prolonged period of time may be difficult and dangerous for some seniors. Shower chairs come in a variety of styles to suit the individual needs of each senior. Overall, shower seats can amplify bath safety while simultaneously increasing overall comfort and ease of showering.

As with grab bars, attractive options are available for those who necessitate the need for a shower chair but prefer to avoid a clinical appearance.

While shower chairs do provide amplified bath safety, all shower seats should be accompanied by a properly installed grab bar.

Walk-In Bathtubs

For those seniors who seek a more comprehensive solution, walk-in bathtubs are the most effective type of bath safety equipment. Walk-in bathtubs are sized to replace your existing bath or shower stall and can be fitted with a variety of safety features including integrated grab bars, hand-held shower sprayers, heated seating and textured floors to help prevent slips and falls. These bathtubs can be easily installed by a contractor or plumber and not only serve as an ideal bath safety aid, but can make bathing comfortable and relaxing.

Falls can be detrimental to seniors, and it is immensely important that both you and your elderly loved ones give strong consideration to proper bath safety.

Centers for Disease Control estimate that more than $30 billion in medical costs are accrued each year due to falls. Fortunately, many of these falls can be prevented with proper attention to safety such as shower grab bars and transfer seats. Additionally, Stannah Stairlifts can provide peace of mind for those seeking additional safety equipment throughout their homes. Similar to bathroom safety installations, Stannah Stairlifts do not require significant home modifications and ensure that your elderly loved ones are navigating their homes safely and independently.

Bathroom Safety & Memory Problems

Maintaining a safe space and avoiding falls in the bathroom gets a lot more difficult when memory problems are a factor. Fortunately, many of the simple steps mentioned above can help reduce the overall risk. If you’re caring for a loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you might want to check out this helpful article we came across recently for some more tips and advice. Then, click here to research the stair lift option that’s best for you.