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Category: Society

The Onset of COVID Fatigue

Written by Nathan on 23rd June 2021

Key Takeaways:  People in their 20s were the most likely to say they were extremely fatigued by the COVID-19 pandemic. 67.8% of people said they plan to get the vaccine when it becomes available to them. People were less likely to follow all the COVID-19 precautions we asked about now than they were at the […]

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old Friends laughing together

Embracing Aging? Exploring Shifting Attitudes on Growing Older

Written by Nathan on 13th April 2021

Growing older can present a double-edged sword for many. On the one hand, a long and fruitful life is a universal aspiration. On the other hand, many cultures prize youth and devalue old age. But, with so many age-positive movements gaining momentum and social justice taking center stage, has the double-edged sword become more single-sided? […]

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Getting Injured at Home

Written by Nathan on 17th November 2020

Home is where we get to kick up our feet at the end of a long day. Home is where we expect to feel safe and comfortable. But as we all know, accidents can happen even in the places where we feel most secure. Using data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) for […]

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COVID-19 Socializing and Rules

Written by Nathan on 17th November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic demands collective action: To slow the spread of the coronavirus, public health experts have urged all Americans to take part in social distancing measures. As the virus lingers or resurges around the country, however, individuals and families have approached social distancing with differing degrees of consistency and concern. Conflicting social distancing standards […]

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senior couple barriers

My __ are destroying my house!

Written by Nathan on 17th November 2020

As the saying goes, all good things in moderation, and that includes the time we’ve spent quarantining in 2020. In March, the idea of suddenly working from home and staying inside as much as possible might not have seemed so bad. Cutting out your daily commute and spending more time at home with family certainly […]

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Back Home, for Better or Worse?

Written by Martin on 10th July 2020

To say that the global coronavirus pandemic has upended nearly every facet of our lives would likely be an understatement. Cases continue to rise in many parts of the U.S.; skyrocketing unemployment and the recession have inflicted financial hardship on many; and the creation of a vaccine remains far off. This crisis, like any other, […]

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Women and Girls in Science: Marian Diamond and girl

Women in Science: Marian Diamond’s Groundbreaking Findings on Brain Plasticity

Written by Stannah on 7th March 2020

While there’s never a bad time to appreciate the women in your life, International Women’s Day provides a particularly poignant opportunity to reflect on the achievements of women and the profound ways in which they have shaped our society. We hope you enjoy the story of Marian Diamond, a true scientific pioneer! Marian Diamond, who […]

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Celebrating Life: How Oral History Can Help Preserve Our Stories

Written by Nathan on 1st August 2019

From life stories worth recording to endangered languages in need of preservation, oral history shows us a way to preserve our unique voices and life stories.  Ever met someone whose life story you thought should be shared with the world? How would you go about doing that? As a method of collecting life stories through […]

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