Adaptive clothing for seniors

Adaptive Clothing – What is it and How Could it Make Your Life Easier?

Written by Stannah on 11-01-2019

Ever heard of adaptive clothing? Are you picturing a hospital gown or clinical wear? Yes, that’s the origin o...

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slippers and a good book by the fire

Books to read by the fire: this list will get you through the dark winter months!

Written by Stannah on 02-01-2019

Reading by the fire is one of the best winter activities out there, we’ve made a list that will light up your da...

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Senior gardening

How Have Our TV-Viewing Habits Changed Over the Last 50 Years?

Written by Stannah on 07-12-2018

How has the way we consume TV changed, and is this the case for everyone? We don’t have to travel very far back d...

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combat fatigue and tiredness

Tiredness and fatigue: learn how older adults can regain energy and vitality

Do you spend your day asking yourself “Why am I so tired?” Learn more about what you can do to boost your energy levels.

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Parkinson’s disease and its effects on mobility

Written by Stannah
on 04-04-2018

On World Health Day, you’ll likely read about how healthy habits like exercisi...

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Knee pain: know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

Written by Stannah
on 22-08-2017

When you, or someone you know, experience severe knee pain caused either b...

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