“Game of Thrones”: The Epic Fantasy Series That Conquered the World!

Written by Stannah on 4th April 2019

Fans all over the world have been waiting over a year for Game of Thrones to finally return, so Stannah went to Wes...

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family fun playing board games

Ways to Update your Family Fun – The New Generation of Board Games

Written by Stannah on 27th February 2019

Love playing board games? These alternatives could quickly become your new family favorites!   Are you...

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Senior gardening

Books to read by the fire: this list will get you through the dark winter months!

Written by Stannah on 2nd January 2019

Reading by the fire is one of the best winter activities out there, we’ve made a list that will light up your d...

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combat fatigue and tiredness

Tiredness and fatigue: learn how older adults can regain energy and vitality

Do you spend your day asking yourself “Why am I so tired?” Learn more about what you can do to boost your energy levels.

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Parkinson’s disease and its effects on mobility

Written by Stannah
on 4th April 2018

On World Health Day, you’ll likely read about how healthy habits like exercisi...

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Knee pain: know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

Written by Stannah
on 22nd August 2017

When you, or someone you know, experience severe knee pain caused either b...

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