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stairlift specifications

Stairlift Dimensions & Specifications

Written by Nathan on 9th August 2022

For those considering a stairlift to address their mobility struggles, one of the most common concerns is how the s...

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battery operated stairlift

Stairlift Batteries

Written by Nathan on 3rd August 2022

Discover everything you need to know about stairlift batteries. How long do they last? What’s involved in a stair...

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Stannah to Open New US Factory

Written by Nathan on 9th March 2022

To reduce lead times, meet growing demands and adjust to global supply chain disruptions, Stannah Stairlifts is o...

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two hands sharing love

A Celebration of Love

Written by Stannah on 28th January 2022

What is Love? When we look at the dictionary definition, we’re presented with something simple, almost tangible...

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combat fatigue and tiredness

Tiredness and fatigue: learn how older adults can regain energy and vitality

Do you spend your day asking yourself “Why am I so tired?” Learn more about what you can do to boost your energy levels.

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Parkinson’s disease and its effects on mobility

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Knee pain: know the symptoms, causes and prevention measures

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