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Year: 2018

Robson Square in Vancouver

The History of Stairs: From Fascinating Architecture to access barriers

Written by Stannah on 18th December 2018

“The History of Stairs” features the fascinating story of the evolution of stairs, but also their duality: stairs can either be a passage facilitator or a major barrier; an aesthetic delight or a scary obstacle! The History of Stairs is the history of longevity itself, of the constant replication of the same structure and function. […]

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How did we use to watch television, and how has this changed?

How Have Our TV-Viewing Habits Changed Over the Last 50 Years?

Written by Stannah on 7th December 2018

How has the way we consume TV changed, and is this the case for everyone? We don’t have to travel very far back down memory lane to find a completely different television landscape. Despite improved technology, the way we watched TV didn’t change much for the medium’s first 50 years. But today, things look quite […]

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group of friends really laugh

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Written by Stannah on 30th November 2018

What happens to us when we start laughing? Why do we feel so good when we do, and what benefits does a good attack of the giggles have for our bodies and minds? Today on International Day of Happiness, we’re going to find out!   Test your own laughing potential with our self-test in this […]

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Aging population: demographic shift

Aging Population: On the Verge of an Unprecedented Demographic Shift

Written by Stannah on 21st November 2018

The world’s aging population will represent a unique demographic shift in human history. The aging population isn’t a national phenomenon. It’s happening on a global scale. People are living longer, and the world has undergone a considerable number of radical changes. Industrialization and urbanization had a major impact on these changes, since most of the […]

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World Stroke Day: Focusing on the Future and Recovering from a Stroke

Written by Stannah on 23rd October 2018

Stannah is joining the cause this World Stroke Day and talking about support for those who are #UpAgainAfterStroke   Did you know: A stroke can happen to anyone, at any age? Today, October 29th, is World Stroke Day, so we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about strokes: their causes, symptoms and treatments – […]

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our souls at night – going for a walk

Our Souls at Night: The Joy of Rediscovering Love

Written by Stannah on 12th October 2018

There are few feelings like the joy of falling in love. For many of us, our fondest memories are those we share with that special someone who makes life feel a little fuller. Spending time with that one person who truly understands you can have a profound impact on how you see the world, but […]

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loss of balance on the elderly

Dizziness, vertigo or loss of balance?

Written by Stannah on 12th October 2018

What’s the difference and what can you do about it? Table of contents Loss of Balance Dizziness Vertigo A Fear of Heights   Dizziness and vertigo are very common complaints among the elderly. However, feelings of unsteadiness are often dismissed and ignored because people think that they’re a normal part of aging like (for example) […]

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Anežka Kašpárková

90-year-old Anežka Kašpárková is living proof that age really is just a number!

Written by Stannah on 12th October 2018

Anežka Kašpárková is a 90-year-old woman who is fulfilling her dream of becoming an artist while refusing to let age get in her way. Having worked hard as a farmer before she retired, she could be spending her well-earned retirement relaxing. She deserves a break, after all, she worked hard for decades. Instead, Anežka chooses […]

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