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Written by fernando at 9th April 2015

Jan and Chuck story

Jan and Chuck

Jan and Chuck

When they wanted to down-size from their large single-story home, Jan and Chuck knew that one day his diabetes would make it hard to climb stairs, so they looked for a home on one floor. When they fell in love with a three-level condo overlooking the hills of central Massachusetts, they joked that they could always get a stairlift, just as Janís sister in California had done.

Jan later noticed that Chuck was delaying going up and down stairs, and would sometimes forget to do things because he wasnít able to act right away. At that point she contacted Stannah, they visited our showroom for a test-ride, and quickly decided to get two stairlifts installed.

Now Chuck is able to get to his office whenever he wants to, and finds that his life is more organized as a result. And Jan uses the stairlifts to carry laundry up to the bedrooms and groceries down to the basement pantry. As she recently said to us, “After a trip to BJ’s, it’s a godsend“!


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